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Clean Body Detox 21-Day Organic Tea Blend
Clean Body Detox 21-Day Organic Tea Blend

Clean Body Detox 21-Day Organic Tea Blend

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                          (BLENDED HERBAL TEA AUSTRALIA)



In earlier times, the blended herbal tea was used to maintain the hormone balance in women 30-60 plus. It even helps in the reduction of pain and provides relaxation to the body. Digestion and the immune system get improved with the help of organic blended herbal tea

We provide various flavors of blended herbal tea in Australia which a person can choose according to his/her likes. The regular intake of blended herbal tea provided in Australia helps to fight illness and also prevents various diseases. 



  • Nettle- A gentle diuretic, supporting the body to process and flush away toxins
  • Spearmint- Digestive support, relieves indigestion, nausea, and vomiting.  Helps to lower blood sugars and supports stress.
  • Burdock- facilitating bowel motions, purifies the blood, aphrodisiac properties, supports skin conditions.
  • Liquorice-traditionally used to sooth the gastrointestinal tract,  has anti-inflammatory properties and immune-boosting properties.
  • Lemongrass-Support, the nervous system, and anxiety support the liver, relieves bloating and helps increase red blood cells.
  • Fennel seeds-Supports digestion, bloating, gas, and cramping, may also assist with fluid retention.  Soothes the GIT tract.
  • Calendula-Traditionally used to prevent muscle spasms and cramps supports stomach and duodenal ulcers.  Supports digestion.  Helps reduce hot flushes.
  • Dandelion- Supports the liver and soothes the stomach.  Can help with fluid retention.
  • St Marys thistle-Liver tonic
  • Lemon Verbena-supports the digestive tract
  • Marshmallow Root-soothes and coats the lining of the GIT tract.



1 tsp per cup, infuse 15 minutes covered. Drink 3 cups daily, breakfast, morning tea, and lunch. Serve hot or cold. Add honey or maple syrup to taste. Can be made into a Herbal Iced Tea.  

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50gm bags will last 3 weeks if you have 2 -3 cups daily remembering that the tea is organic and the leaves can be topped up and re-used. You can store cold tea in the fridge and have it cold as well. You can also use the tea in smoothies and ice pops as well as make your own iced teas.

250gm bags will last around 83 days when having 2-3 cups daily.


People must get consulted by a health care professional before going ahead with the herbal tea. Pregnant ladies and people who are suffering from any of the previous injuries must not inhale any of the supplements without consulting the doctor.   

The Blended Herbal Tea in Australia is a doctor consulted supplement & can be taken without worries.