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Technically speaking, tea does not actually spoil or expire in the sense that it never becomes unsafe to drink over time.
However ,we will always place a 12month expiry date on our batches.
Please note that it is important to keep in mind that tea carries the most health benefits and best taste when it is fresh. That’s why we only ship the freshest tea blends and place them in a resealable foil pouch specifically designed to lock in freshness.  Keep away from heat and sunlight.  

This product is a mixed blend of teas. It is not intended as a substitute for the treatment of medical health issues. If you are on prescription medication, please do not remove or reduce any of your ongoing medical treatment without consulting a doctor or qualified health professional. Where you experience any health issues or allergies while consuming this product, you should stop, and seek advice from your local doctor immediately. (Blended teas are not suitable for children under the age of 18).


No products will suit everyone perfectly. Our products have been designed for natural wellness.

Everybody is different. Your personal requirements may differ and you should use your judgment when determining what is right for you.

Please check out the product pages for product descriptions and ingredients. If you need more information please contact US:

If in doubt as a doctor or healthcare practitioner.  If you are taking medications ask a Healthcare Practitioner or Doctor if the blends are ok for you.
This is not a replacement for proper medical advice.

The information on the website should not be used for diagnosing any medical condition or used as a solution as a healthcare product.
4.Do Your Prices include gst and other taxes?
All taxes are included in the price of the products. Taxes only apply to Australian customers.
All orders are free of customs duties and import tax.

5.Has my order been successful?
If your order has been successful you will receive a confirmation email shortly after your order has been processed. 
This email will be sent to the nominated email at checkout, so make sure you double check the email address entered is correct. 
If you did not receive a confirmation email please check your junk/ spam folders and if it not there please email us at and we will be able to look up the success of your order for you. 
Please check out the product pages for product descriptions and ingredients. If you need more information please contact US
7.DO We always get a free infuser?
We will endeavour to always honour our deals.  During COVID we had some delays and sent you a replacement gift.  If you received a strainer instead of an infuser please reach out send a pic of what your received and proof of purchase and we will honour this special free deal . 
8. Will the Hormone Balance tea always look purple?
The tea blends are hand blended.  Depending on the flowers that you capture in your infuser the hormone balance blend may vary in colour from purple to blue to red to grey or green.  We cannot control pigments in plants and their strength as they are not standardised herbs.  They come as they are picked and this is reliant on the weather and natural forces of nature.
9.Are the blends clinically trialled ?
No the blends are not clinically trialled.  The tea blends are made to support the body in their traditional use. Tea is seem as a food rather than a medicine in support of our body in its traditional sense.

Please note that Tea is a  natural Food  , not a medicine.  Please also note that Herbs taken as a tea, don’t act as a direct medicine, but as a gentle support for health . They form part of our “food” and have been celebrated as such for centuries.  They have amazing traditional uses and act as a health support. Herbal teas for centuries have been used as  a safe and gentle way to access the properties of the herbs, as part of our  daily diet. Herbal medicine (which is what I practice in clinic with a health consultation), which concentrates the active ingredients of the herb or plant into a herbal tincture or tonic, is very different.

This needs TGA approval for use and requires a prescription from a professionally trained and qualified Herbalist .  We can do this through Infinite Health Practice, prescribe tonic herbs but not on this website.  Please note that The Therapeutic Goods Administration(TGA) clearly states that: “Generally a product that is swallowed will be either one form of a therapeutic good (a medicine) or a food. Often, claims made about a product or the appearance of the product may suggest that it is a therapeutic good. However, the fact that health claims are made about a product does not automatically make it a therapeutic good.” Therefore, all teas made by Cleanherbals are deemed a food with therapeutic benefits and are not medicine nor required to be registered with the TGA.

Testimonials that appear on this site are actually received via text, audio or video submission. They are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have used our products and/or services in some way. They are individual results and results do vary. We do not claim that they are typical results. The testimonials are not necessarily representative of all of those who will use our products and/or services. The testimonials displayed in any form on this site (text, audio, video or other) are reproduced verbatim, except for correction of grammatical or typing errors. Some may have been shortened. In other words, not the whole message received by the testimonial writer is displayed when it seems too lengthy or not the whole statement seems relevant for the general public. We are not responsible for any of the opinions or comments posted on this Website, nor is this Website a forum for testimonials, however we provide testimonials as a means for customers to share their experiences with one another. To protect against abuse, all testimonials appear after they have been reviewed. Clean Herbals and all its associates, does not share the opinions, views or commentary of any testimonials on this Website. The opinions are strictly the views of the testimonial source. The testimonials are never intended to make claims that our products and/or services can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. Any such claims, implicit or explicit, in any shape or form, have not been clinically tested or evaluated.
10 .Allergies and Drug interactions-
ALLERGIC REACTIONS – It is the consumers responsibility to check the ingredients for allergies before purchasing or consuming our tea blends . Clean Herbals cannot be held responsible for individual reactions or irritations from a product. We  recommend you  read the ingredients list we include on every product page on our website to ensure the ingredients are safe for you to use. If you are unsure please consult with your Health Care Practitioner or your Doctor for clarification. Should you have an allergic reaction we suggest you cease drinking the tea immediately and contact your doctor for further clarification on the allergy . No refunds will be issued for allergic reactions.
DRUG INTERACTIONS- It is the consumers responsibility to check the ingredients are safe to drink with their prescribed drugs or prescription medicine. Please consult your Doctor or Health practitioner for advice. We cannot legally give Medical advice.