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The nutritional information will depend on the brand of milk that you choose.  I have opted to discuss the healthiest most purest forms.



Soy milk is made by combining organic soy milk with water.

Having avoided dairy milk for many years now I will say that soy is the same consistency as cows milk however it is an acquired taste.  I use it in savoury dishes, tea, coffee and hot chocolate. It froths ok and must be warmed before added to tea or coffee as it can curdle and looks terrible ☹

1 cup of soy contains:

100 calories

8 gms of carbohydrates

7 gms of protein

And only 1.2gms of sugar

It also has .5 mg of robflavin an important antioxidant required in energy production.

299mg of calcium

119 IUD of vitamin D

4gms on unsaturated fat


Rice Milk

Rice milk is watery and an off white colour with a very sweet flavour.  Its better in sweet recipes and I personally enjoy it in English breakfast tea.

Its made from brown rice and water and can be sweetened with cane syrup.  It usually has canola oil which isn’t the best for our health.

1 cup of rice milk has

120 calories

2.4 gms of unsaturated fat

1gm of protein

23 gms car

10gms sugar

100mg sodium

It also have

Calcium, phosphorus, vitamin d, vitamin a and vitam b12

Rice milk doesn’t froth at all and can also curdle in tea an coffee, but as far as flavour it is sweet.


Unsweetened almond milk

Almond milk is make by blending almonds in water  and draining and has a sweet nutty flavour. Its very creamy and if not warmed will curdle lattes and tea.

Its great in smoothies and in sweet cooking.  Its great on cereal and baking.

1 cup of almond milk has

90 calories

2.5gms of unsaturated fat

No cholesterol

1gm of protein per cup

Vitamins A,D<B12, minerals-phosphorus, potassium, zinc and calcium


Hemp Milk

Made from hemp seeds

1 cup has:

70 calories

5gms of fat

2gms of carbs

3gms or protein

The highlight of this milk is that it is high in omega 3 fatty acids that are important for brain function- the growth and development of the brain

Hemp milk also has vitamin a,d,b12, calcium, iron and magnesium

It can be used where dairy is generally used but honestly I have never tried it in tea or coffee.


Coconut milk

Coconut milk is naturally sweet and creamy, it is made by grating the meat of coconut and mixing it with water inside, therefore its very high in fibre and can be calorie dense.

1 glass has 550 calories.

It has saturated fat called lauric acid which is actually good for you as it increases HDLs and lessons the chances of heart disease.

It has vitamin B, Vitamin K, C,E , Magnesium, phosphosrus , manganes, selenium and zinc.

Its great in smoothies as well as cooking.  Its been introduced into cafes now and added to coffee.  Its great in soups, the making of elixirs, porridge, as a yoghurt, frozen…

You can really use it anywhere you would use dairy milk.  Its even great to help coat meats.

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