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About Karina Francois Naturopath

Being a Naturopath I am blessed to be able to work with clients focussing mainly on their nutrition, incorporating supplements if required and also provide amazing herbal tonics and teas to support a balanced lifestyle and to treat many conditions.

I am a passionate herbalist and I love working with herbs. Herbs outlive most natural disasters and the power of that in itself proves how resilient and the incredible life force that they have.

It just makes sense that anything with such amazing life force and energy when consumed will only bring in the same to our physical body.

As a Naturopath I am so passionate about not only the properties of the herbs and their clear pharmacological activity on the body, but also the energy and dense nutrients that provide in such small doses.

The science of herbs is an old medicine.  Today many of the thousands of plant species growing throughout the world have medicinal uses, containing active constituents that have a direct action on the body.  They are used both in herbal and conventional medicine and offer benefits that help to combat illness and support the bodys efforts to regain good health.  Treating illnesses and preventing them.

Unfortunately we tend to forget that in all but the last 60 years, humans relied almost entirely on plants to treat all illnesses. 

Herbal medicine often complements conventional treatments providing safe remedies for illnesses as well as just supporting the bodies processes.  For example herbs can be used to help support the kidneys, liver, lymph, lungs and skin to detox and carry out its day to day roles.

Please remember that Herbal tonics must be treated with respect and it is essential that you take them with the guidance of a well trained and experienced naturopath.  I feel ill when I see people self diagnosing or Dr Googling.  There’s a reason why our study takes over 4 years.  Always thinking of patient safety first.

Personally, I mix herbal tonics according to a clients directs needs at the time, however the use of herbal teas on a daily basis is an amazing way to assist the body in its many detox processes as well as introducing wonderful vitality and vitamins and minerals that are present in the herbs themselves.

The most exciting thing about herbs is that you don’t have to go to a naturopath to be able to use them.  They are accessible and inexpensive in a dry tea for or you can always grow your own.

I have intuitively put together some amazing organic tea blends (Organic Tea Australia) .  I hope that you can experience the support and benefits in their traditional use.

Remember tea is like food to the body ! 

*This is not a replacement for proper medical advice